Did you ever consider biking in Ethiopia?

A far-reaching net of roads, trails, and tracks leads you through spectacular alpine mountains, legendary highlands, forrested lowlands, savannah, wetlands and sizzling hot desserts. They offer amazing opportunities for any type of bike tour.

Split down the middle by the Rift Valley, home to a unique cultural diversity, several UNESCO heritage sites, source of the Blue Nile and the birth place of coffee, Ethiopia is unquestionably an exciting bike destination. 

Join us on an adventure out of the ordinary in Africa's best kept secret.

A view of the high plateau in Southern Wollo
Morning in Raya
Gravel descend from Sanetti Plateau, Bale Mountains
Hot dessert trail, Afar
Main road in Tigray
New church in Dejen, Gojam
Maychew main road
Salt mining in Danakil
Coffee ceremony
Haik Aschenge in SOuthern Raya
Lake Abaya in Southern Nations Region
Lake Tana, source of the Blue Nile
Remote northern hIghlands in Wollo
Tigray main road
Timkat, Epiphany,Mekele
Orthodox celebrtastions, Mekele
Harvest time in Maychew, Raya
Adwa Mountains
Hard ascend from Alamata to Korem, Southern Raya
Gheralta Mountain near Hawzen
Guna Bike Club A-Team in training

Biking Ethiopia


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