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About Biking Ethiopia

Our aim is to contrinute to making Ethiopia known as a biking destination. For the possibilities are unique, exciting and in-exhaustible.

We are working to replace that horrifying image, which haunted this country for decades - but which is also shamefully outdated.

And we offer bikers the opportunity to come out of their normal comfort zone and into the adventurous settings of this ancient country. We want to present a different type of destination, a place which will leave lasting memories and make you wanna come back for more...

About Biking Ethiopia

Biking Ethiopia is a partnership between Benjamin Fuad Al-Harithi (Yemen / Ethiopia), Joakim Larsen (Denmark / Ethiopia) and Gilad (Israel).

Our aim is to develop Ethiopia as a biking destination. We organize bike unique adventures, that give our guests an experience out of the ordinary. All the tours that are customized, so they fulfil your interests and match your physical condition.

Biking Ethiopia is registered in Denmark under the Danish company, Visit Ethiopia DK, owned by Joakim Larsen. Business registration number (CVR): 32931014.

Meet our team

Joakim Larsen - BikingEthiopia.com

Benyameen Fuad Al-Hartithi - is head of sales.

Benyameen is originally from Kawkaban in Yemen. He currently resides in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He has a master degree in linguistics. And he enjoys years of experience in the tourism industry in Yemen. 

He has participated in various tourism exhibitions in Europe. And sensing the adventure in tourism, he began planning and managing many such adventure tours to Yemen in the 1990s. This was in the years, when tourism thrived in the Middle East.

Joakim Larsen - BikingEthiopia.com

Joakim Larsen - is director of operations.

Joakim is from Copenhagen in Denmark. He has a background in supply chain management and more than 20 years in the Danish tourism industry with service management and tourism logistics.

Having spent several years touring most parts of the country on motorcycle, Joakim is an expert in Ethiopia. He has a well-established professional network there, speaks the language, possesses a profound understanding of the people and culture and has well-founded knowledge about the roads we follow and the places we visit.

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Joakim Larsen - BikingEthiopia.com

Gilad - is sales manager for Israel and the Middle East.

Gilad is from Israel.

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Biking Ethiopia


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