Young priest in front of a new Orthodox church under construction
Ethiopia is wonderfully mixed in time. Old traditions are honored and meanwhile country is undergoing rapid change.

15 things in favor of biking in Ethiopia


1. Visitors can enjoy a high level of safety

2. And get good value for money

3. New tarmac roads lead from the centre to the furthest corners of the country

4. For the gravel grinder, plenty of challienging trails take you far into the remote countryside

5. Hotels span from high-class international standard to local guests houses

6. Visitors can easily fly between cities

7. The food is tasty and there are good options for vegans

8. The Ethiopians are friendly and hospitable people

9. Many speak English

10. Ethiopia is a mecca for coffee lovers

11. Ethiopia has eight sights on the UNESCO World Heritage List

12. The cultural variety is unique and vibrant – this includes the music

13. You can participate in an array of colorful cultural and religious festivals

14. The nature varies from low dessert, savanna, wetland and rain forest to alpine mountains

15. And it offers a range of unique geologic phenomenon


Celebrating Meskel, Finding of the True Cross

Ethiopia as biking destination


Ethiopia is Africa's hidden gem. This enormous country offers a variety of magnificent nature experiences. And it holds a unique ethnic diversity of friendly and hospitable people, with a wide range of exotic and colourful religious and cultural practices.


The dry season runs from mid-September to May, during which only a little rain falls. The hot season begins in January and culminates with the arrival of the rainy season. The country's infrastructure is undergoing rapid development these years. Old roads are under renovation. And by now the main roads from Addis Ababa, leading out to every corner of the country are paved with asphalt.


Once you are outside the buzzing cities and reach the countryside, the traffic is limited. It consists mostly of intercity busses, mini-busses and trucks. Private traffic on the remote country roads is practically non-existent.


The landscape is captivating and everchanging. It varies from breezy alpine mountain peaks to warm valleys, from savanna to tropical rainforest, and from wetlands to sizzling desert.


Ethiopia is definately a biking destination to be reckoned with. It offers so many interesting possibilities, both for the tour biker and the elite cyclist, and for the road cyclist and the off-road biker.

It is easy to engage in conversations with Ethiopians. And they love a good laugh.

Did you know... ?


Again Lonely Planet has awarded Ethiopia one of the best tourist destinations. This time among the top 10 countries to travel in 2017.

Read on Lonely Planets web site.


In 2015 Ethiopia was awarded World's best travel destination among 31 candidates. See what CNN wrote.


In 2013 Addis Ababa was awarded number nine out of the World's top ten cities to visit.



Coffee with salt and butter?


The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a display of hospitality and respect.

Jabena bunna, the traditional coffee, is mostly served with sugar or even honey.

And in Gurage it is often served with salt, and sometimes with butter and ginger.

But whether you have it the traditional or the modern way, coffee is serious business in Ethiopia...


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