Road Bike Tour


With optional Extension to Danakil Depression


Tour code: AM-8

Duration: 8 days / 9 nights

Date: Not currently pre-scheduled

Group size: Minimum 10, maximum 15 participants.

Altitudes: 1.000 - 3.400 meters altitude.

Temperatures: 10 - 35 degrees celcius.

Physical requirements: Participants should be in good physical shape.

Complexity: 7/10 - general altitude, elevation gain, temperatures and simple overnight facilities in three remote towns.

Price: € 1.950.


The price includes: Airport transfers, hotels, all meals, non-alchoholic beverages, domestic flight MQX-ADD with odd-size luggage, service car, mechanic service, masseurs, day tour to Lalibela, and evening programs.

The price does not include: International flight with odd-size luggage, insurance, and visa.

Group discount: Register a group of 14 participants and get an extra seat for free. This discount does not include domestic flight.


AM-8 Tour Data
AM-8 road map


Tour Description


This road bike tour through the scenic mountains of the Western escarpement of the Ethiopian Rift Valley is both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because of the general altitude, mostly over 1,500 meters, high temperatures in the low valleys and the intense African sun coupled with the elevation gain. Rewarding due to the magnificent sceneries that will unfold on the way, the meetings with the people and sights into the local Ethiopian culture.



Practical Information


Insurance: Medical insurance with full home-transport is strongly recommended.

Hotels: We stay in local hotels of good to simple standard, depending on availability.

Food: We eat in places with good hygiene. Most places will have local food with additional options like pasta, potatoes and rice dishes.

Physical shape: Participation requires good physical condition. We recommend that participants prepare well.

Service car: We will have a service car following the last rider. The service car holds our luggage. It can also transport participants with their bikes. Depending on the size of the group, we will also have a lead car.



Day 1: Debre Birhan to Shoa Robit


Day 1 - October 21: Debre Birhan to Shoa Robit



Day 2: Shoa Robit to Kemse


Day 2 - October 22: Shoa Robit to Kemse



Day 3: Kemse to Dese


Day 3 - October 23: Kemse to Dese



Day 4: Dese to Weldiya


Day 4 - October 24: Dese to Weldiya



Day 5: Day of leisure and day-tour to Lalibela




Day 6: Weldiya to Korem


Day 6 - October 26: Weldiya to Korem



Day 7: Korem to Yoani Village


Day 7 - October 27: Korem to Yoani Village



Day 8: Yoani Village to Mekele


Day 8 - October 28: Yoani Village to Mekele


Threshing the old-fashioned way, Northern highlands.
Traditional Raya outfit, Northern highlands.



Day Tour to Lalibela


The fifth day on the tour is day of leisure. We spend it visiting the UNESCO World heritage site of Lalibela, a holy city in the highlands of Amhara, and the most important place of pilgrimage for the contry's Orthodox Christians. Lalibela is particularly famous for its many spectacular rock-hewn churches.


We go by bus from Weldiya to Lalibela, where we will enjoy a guided tour by local experts.


The famous Saint George Church in Lalibela.
Walking the rock-hewn paths in Lalibela.
Orthodox priest.



Other Activities



Coffee Tasting & Coffee Ceremony: One day we will learn about Ethiopian coffee. There will be a tasting of various types from different districts. And we are introduced to the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Ethiopia is unique among the coffee producing countries; not only is it known as the home of coffee and producer of some of the World's best coffee. It also differs from many other coffee producing countries by having a large home consumption. Coffee is serious business in Ethiopia.

Dine With the Ethiopians: Optional visit to Ethiopian homes and dining traditionally with the family.


Cultural Dinner: We enjoy a cultural dinner with local food and drinks, accompanied by traditional music and dance.

Coffee roasting over fire.
Freshly picked coffee fruits.
Preparing for traditional coffee ceremony.

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