Road bike tour


Optional Extension to Epiphany

Optional Extension Tour to Danakil


Tour code: NC-8

Duration: 8 days / 9 nights

Date: Not currently pre-scheduled

Group size: Minimum 10, maximum 15 participants.

Altitudes: 1.300 - 3.200 meters altitude.

Temperatures: 20 - 30 degrees celcius.

Physical requirements: Participants should be in good physical shape.

Complexity: 5/10 - elevation gain, temperatures. Price: € 2.350.


The price includes: Airport transfers, hotels, all meals, non-alchoholic beverages, 2 x domestic flight: ADD-MQX-ADD with odd-size luggage, service car, mechanic support, day tour in Hawzen, and half days in Axum and Debre Damu, and evening programs.


The price does not include: International flight with odd-size luggage, insurance and visa.


Group discount: Register a group of 14 participants and get an extra seat for free. This discount does not include domestic flight.


NC-8 road map
NC-8 tour data.


Tour Description


This is a road bike adventure through the Northern-most highlands. The climate is warm, and the curving tarmac roads lead us through the scenic landscape. On the way we visit some of Ethiopias unique sights and get an insight into the life in the countryside. We have a day-trek to some of the ancient the rock-hewn churches hidden in the Gheralta mountain outside Hawzen. Another day we visit the ancient city of Axum, a World Heritage Site, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Africa and home to the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. And we climb to Debre Damu, a 6th. century monestary (access for men only).


Practical Information

Celebrating Timkat in Mekele

Hotels: The standard varies from good to simple. All places will have showers.

Food: We eat in places with good hygene. Most places will have local food with additional options like pasta, potatoes and rice dishes.

Physical shape: This is not an elite tour. Still participants should be in fairly good physical condition.

Service car & mechanic: We will have a service car following the last rider. Depending on the size of the group, we will also have a lead car. In addition we bring a mechanic along on the tour.


Adwa Mountains - famous for the Battle of Adwa, where the Italian forces were defeated by the Ethiopian Empire in 1896.




Other activities besides biking


* Day trek to the rock-hewn churches of Hawzen

* Half-day visit in Axum, cradle of the Axumite empire

* Debre Damu 6th. century monetary (access for men only)

* Cultural dinner with traditional food, drinks, and music

* Coffee tasting and Ethiopian coffee ceremony

Gheralta Mountain outside Hawzen
Remote chapel in Debre Damu.
The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum next to the Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant.
Cattle herder after school in Northern Ethiopia..



Optional Pre-Tour Extention to Epiphany in Mekele


Tour code: NCE-2

Duration: 2 days / 2 nights

Date: Not currently pre-scheduled

Complexity: 2/10 (some walking)

Price: 200


The price includes: Overnight at Axum Hotel, meals and day-guide.






Participate in the festive and colorful street celebration of the Orthodox Epiphany (Timkat). Parading and dancing in the streets, babtism ceremonies and priests parading, and carrying copies of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant.

People dancing in the streets for Timkat in Mekele.

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