Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Trails in Ethiopia

All over the country, a net of trails lead far into the remote countryside.

Combined with wonderful landscapes, hospitable people and a vibrant culture, this abundance of trails offer unique opportunities for adventures, impossible to exhaust.

And this makes Ethiopia an attractive destination for mountain biking. 

Customize your tour 

Our experts are ready to provide local information, that can help you decide on the optimal tour. And although itinerarties are planned ahead, they can always be changed and adjusted on the way. 

We divide mountain bike tours into three levels:

For the leisure biker daily biking distances can vary from around 10 up to maybe 15 kilometers or more. Trails can be relatively easy with limited challending ascends and decends. The biking is accompanied by cultural activities and visits along with shorter hiking tours.

For the well-trained daily distances can be up to around 25 kilometres or more. Trails can be challenging. Good physical condition is an advantage. The biking is accompanied by cultural activities and visits along with other physical activities such as half-day hiking tours.

For the elite biker daily distances can vary up to around 40 kilometres or more. Trails will be challenging with long and steep ascends and decends. Biking experience and excellent physical condition is a prerequisite. The biking can be accompanied by cultural activities and visits.

Mountain bike tour examples


RVB-12   |   Mountain biking adventure

Same itinerary but different trails than RVB-12 for gravel

Optional extension tours


3 day tour by car and by foot


2-3 day cultural visit by foot


2-4 day cultural visit by foot

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